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Protecting Santee's Future...

Fighting uncontrolled sprawl driven by special interests and defending the rights of all Santee citizens.

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We the People...

Santee's Taxpayer Advocate

A Santee resident since 1989, Maggie is married to her husband Jim, who is retired Navy – They have one daughter, Megan.  In 2009, Maggie Acerra decided that she could no longer sit and watch the trend of government using cronyism, kickbacks, and corruption to ignore the will of the people.  Maggie prepared for, and participated in, the first Taxed Enough Already (TEA) protest at the Midway Drive Post Office on April 15, and she has not looked back since then.  In the aftermath of the protest, she established the Santee-East County TEA Party Group, which she organized through online and face-to-face meetings with other east county citizens who were fed up with the status quo.  The Santee-East County TEA Party Group has evolved into the San Diego County TEA Party Forum, and she maintains a vibrant Facebook page where she uses social media to expose corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and unconstitutional acts within all levels of government.

A Citizen with Sound Fiscal Experience

sample imagePursuing a lifelong career in accounting and finance, Maggie Acerra is an accountant with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).  She knows how to be financially accountable and her records have borne the scrutiny of the public.  Now Maggie wants to take her skills and experience to Santee's City Hall and use them to benefit her fellow residents and city.

Maggie is a proud member of the San Diego County Taxpayer's Association (SDCTA) and recently completed the SDCTA Pension Reform Certification program.  Her certification coupled with her financial experience increases her ability to conduct fair negotiations for the benefit of Santee's residents.

  • Work in the Accounting field and have worked at UCSD for 11 years currently in Business and Financial Services/General Accounting

  • Elected  to  Central  Committee  -  77th Assembly District in November 2010

  • Precinct Operations Manager – 77th Assembly District 2010

  • Santee Republican Women Federated – Treasurer 2011

  • San Diego County Taxpayers Association – Member 2012

  • Completed the Association’s   SDCTA’s Pension Reform Certification Program – February 2012