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Protecting Santee's Future...

Fighting uncontrolled sprawl driven by special interests and defending the rights of all Santee citizens.

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We the People...

A Citizen with Sound Fiscal Experience

A Santee resident since 1989, Maggie is married to her husband Jim, who is retired Navy – They have one daughter, Megan. She is a Budget Specialist with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).  Maggie wants to take her skills and experience to Santee's City Hall and use them to benefit her fellow residents and city.

Restoring Common Sense to City Government

sample imageIn 2012, when Maggie ran against a longtime incumbent (26 years at City Hall!), she spoke about balancing business and development growth with a quality standard of living for residents.   Today, in their shortsighted effort to raise funds for an increased city government and budget, the current City Council has compromised our town with big business developers without regard to those who live throughout Santee.   We are being forced to accept annexed land from the City of San Diego for a new 140 unit development, whose residents will use and add to the of the already congested Mast Blvd.  The “bait and switch” move to the Fanita Ranch development plan that makes it unrecognizable to the citizens that approved the original ballot measure.