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Protecting Santee's Future...

Fighting uncontrolled sprawl driven by special interests and defending the rights of all Santee citizens.

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We the People...

Elect Maggie Acerra to Santee City Council

Maggie AcerraMaggie Acerra's candidacy for Santee City Council is a first step in changing the tide from business as usual to an approach that is grounded in common sense and legitimate concerns for all of Santee's residents.  Your vote for Maggie Acerra puts leadership of Santee's City Council back in the hands of the city's citizens.  Many political candidates run to feed their pride and hubris, but Maggie Acerra's goals are to get the city back on track and get the City Council out of the  clutches of special interests.  She will push back against the oppressive forces of Sacramento that threaten our city's financial stability.  Maggie will fight to repel the land grab of big developers who do little community planning and contribute to the urban sprawl that potentially will turn our beautiful town into another chapter in blight, crime, and corruption.

City Hall Belongs to the Residents of Santee

Sadly, the business of Santee happens frequently behind closed doors, obscuring the transparency necessary for the people's business.  Too much power has been delegated to unelected city employees who impose capricious rules and regulations on the population, often defying the will of the City's residents.  Maggie Acerra will work to return the seat of the City's power back to the people and will never forget that she serves at the pleasure and trust of the City's electorate.

Smart Pro-Business Approach

sample imageSantee is pro-business, but it should not court just any businesses for incorporation into the community.  Maggie will promote companies that will ienhance the lives of Santee residents.  She will work to get trade schools and other diverse businesses into Santee, which will create jobs for our local residents.