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Protecting Santee's Future...

Fighting uncontrolled sprawl driven by special interests and defending the rights of all Santee citizens.

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We the People...

Elect Maggie Acerra to Santee City Council

Maggie AcerraMaggie Acerra's candidacy for Santee City Council is a first step in changing the tide from business as usual to an approach that is grounded in common sense and legitimate concerns for all of Santee's residents.  Your vote for Maggie Acerra puts leadership of Santee's City Council back in the hands of the city's citizens.  Many political candidates run to feed their pride and hubris, but Maggie Acerra's goals are to get the city back on track and get the City Council out of the  clutches of special interests.  She will push back against the oppressive forces of Sacramento that threaten our city's financial stability.  Maggie will fight to repel the land grab of big developers who do little community planning and contribute to the urban sprawl that potentially will turn our beautiful town into another chapter in blight, crime, and corruption.

"Maggie Acerra is a crusader for democracy and an advocate for the people" - East County Magazine (See article here)

Same Firefighters that Sue Santee ALSO Endorse Incumbents?!

sample imageWhat is the average taxpayer to think when the same Santee Firefighters that are engaged in ongoing litigation against the City of Santee are also ENDORSING two representatives of the same city government they are suing? One can only guess what kind of deal was struck in order to simultaneously endorse these two incumbents in the midst of their lawsuit against the City? How are the costs of this arrangement going to be passed along taxpayers of Santee when the lawsuit AND the election is over???   Click here to see past and current Council agendas addressing the firefighter's lawsuit.


Fanita Ranch: Not What Santee Voters Approved

Santee residents passed a ballot issue authorizing Fanita Ranch.  However, the developers and the circumstances have changed drastically and the new plans do not even closely resemble what the voters approved.  See Maggie's in-depth article about the newest developments with Fanita Ranch by clicking here.

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